Caught with her pants down

Monday, June 28th, 2010
Caught with her pants down

Caught with her pants down

This is rather old now but its pretty good! 😉 This is a report from the British tabloids dated around the 6th of December 2006.

A Cheeky shoplifter dropped her trousers and bared her backside in a bizarre bid to escape from store staff chasing her through a garden. Brazen Rebecca Tucker, 22, had just nicked three legs of lamb from a nearby branch of Somerfield.
She was trying to clamber over a fence to get away when two male shop workers caught up with her and grabbed her by the trouser legs. But rather than give up, Tucker wriggled out of her trousers to try to get away. Her ploy didn’t work, and the career thief now faces yet another conviction for shoplifting.
Somerfield manager Ross Dymond, 26, didn’t know where to look when Tucker stripped off. He said: “My immediate reaction was to let go of her. You don’t know what kind of trouble you could land yourself in and it was hard not to cop an eyeful.  But I was on the phone to the 999 operators at the time and they told me to hold on. It was all very bizarre.”
Ross’s colleague, dad-of-three Malcolm Forbes, 32, added: “I couldn’t believe my eyes as she started to take off her trousers. Talk about brazen. “It was the strangest situation I have ever been in.” Ross and Malcolm got Tucker down off the fence and held on to her until police arrived.
The thief was handcuffed and taken to a nearby police station, where officers bailed her to return on January 22.
The pictures of the incident were taken by Martin Carney, 38, from an upstairs window of his home. He said: “You don’t see something like that every day.” Malcolm and Ross chased Tucker out of the Somerfield in Exeter, Devon, after a shopper spotted her stealing meat. Ross said: “I recognised her as a regular thief and sprinted after her. When she realised we were gaining on her, she threw the pieces of lamb to the ground to try to stop us. But it didn’t work and we grabbed her as she tried to scramble over the fence.”
Tucker, a heroin addict, has already appeared before Exeter magistrates four times this year. In 2004, she was given 36 hours’ community service for biting a policeman on the little finger while drunk outside a nightclub.

It makes you wonder just how far she would have got if she had left her trousers behind and made a naked run for it wouldn’t it? After all she obviously was still in or near the town center! It would have been an interesting sight for the shoppers!

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